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Setting Up of 20 Indian Institutes of Information Technology (Iiits) in Public- Private Partnership (Ppp) Mode

The scheme for setting up of 20 IIITs in PPP mode was approved by the Union Cabinet on 26.11.2010. As per the scheme, the Capital cost of each IIIT will be Rs. 128.00 crore to be contributed in the ratio of 50:35:15 by the Central government, the State Government and the Industry Partner(s) respectively (57.5: 35: 7.5 in case of North-Eastern region). In addition, Rs. 50.00 crore for faculty development programme will be provided by the Central Govt. During the first four years of setting up each IIIT, the Central Govt will provide partial support towards the recurring expenditure upto Rs. 10.00 crore. Concerned State Government will provide 50-100 acres of land, free of cost. Each IIIT shall meet its operating expenditure on its own within 5 years of commencement, out of students fees, research and other internal accruals.

All the 20 IIITs have been established as per the details given below:-

S.No. Name of the Organisation
1. IIIT (PPP) Guwahati, Assam
2. IIIT (PPP) Vadodara, Gujarat
3. IIIT (PPP) Sri City (Chittoor), Andhra Pradesh
4. IIIT (PPP) Kota, Rajasthan
5. IIIT (PPP) Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu
6 IIIT (PPP) Kalyani, West Bengal
7 IIIT (PPP) Una, Himachal Pradesh
8 IIIT (PPP) Sonepat, Haryana
9 IIIT (PPP) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
10 IIIT (PPP) Dharwad, Karnataka
11 IIIT (PPP) Kottayam, Kerala
12 IIIT (PPP)Senapati, Manipur
13 IIIT (PPP) Nagpur, Maharashtra
14 IIIT (PPP) Ranchi, Jharkhand
15 IIIT (PPP) Pune, Maharashtra
16 IIIT (PPP) Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
17 IIIT (PPP)Bhagalpur, Bihar
18 IIIT (PPP) Surat, Gujarat
19 IIIT (PPP) Agartala, Tripura
20 IIIT (PPP) Raichur, Karnataka

All these IIITs are governed by IIIT (PPP) Act, 2017 and the Statutes framed for the respective institute as per provisions of the Act.