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Brief on Scheme for Transformational and Advanced Research in Sciences (STARS)

Main Features:

A new scheme called the ‘Scheme for Transformational and Advanced Research in Sciences (STARS)’ was launched by MHRD in February, 2019. The objective is to provide extra mural funding to faculty of higher education institutions for research projects in basic sciences which are inter-disciplinary and translational in outcomes. The projects also need to be India-centric and focused on socially relevant research. The basic thrust domains of the Scheme include Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Nanosciences, Data Sciences & Mathematics and Earth Sciences. The scheme also has a provision to encourage projects from talented researchers from eligible institutions in Tier-II cities and below.

Budget and Implementing Agency:

A total budget of Rs. 250 crores has been allocated for the Scheme. The scheme is being implemented, monitored and managed by Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.