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Recognition of Academic Qualifications and Degrees

The Distance Learning Division in the Ministry of Education receives a number of queries from the general public seeking clarifications in respect of recognition of academic qualifications acquired through distance mode and their acceptance for the purpose of employment in Central/State Government service. The position in this regard is clarified as under:

  • It is up to the concerned academic institution/university to recognize the qualification including certificate diploma, degree, etc. for the purpose of academic pursuit, i.e. continuing education for acquiring another academic qualification, with it. As regards recognition of academic qualifications for the purpose of employment, it is the prerogative of the concerned employer to take a view on the recognition of the degree, diploma, etc.
  • Central Government, as an Employer, had made its position clear in respect of academic qualifications; acquired through distance mode of education, for the purpose of employment under it, vide Gazette Notification No.44 dated March 1, 1995.

The Gazette Notification referred to above is equally applicable to the qualifications acquired from private as well as public institutions/universities.