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India has entered into Educational Exchange Programmes (EEPs)/Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) or through Joint Statements with 51 countries viz  Mongolia, Armenia, Tanzania, Guyana, Israel, Australia, Myanmar, Hungary, Syria,  Uzbekistan, New Zealand, Thailand, Sri Lanka,  Mexico, Brazil, Afghanistan, Croatia, Ecuador, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, China, Portugal, France, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Oman, South Africa, Norway, Chile, Kuwait, Botswana, Malaysia, Turkmenistan, Canada, Indonesia, Mozambique, Russia, Trinidad & Tobago, Mauritius, Yemen, Qatar, Tajikistan, Burundi, Belarus, Republic of Korea, Germany, Estonia U.S.A., United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Peru.

The EEPs/ MOUs envisage cooperation through several initiatives like:-

  • Exchange of scholars/ students/ researchers;
  • Sharing of information/ publications;
  • Organizing joint seminars/ workshops/ conferences etc.;
  • Working towards mutual recognition of qualifications; and
  • Developing institutional linkages

India also has educational cooperation activities with different international organizations and multi-lateral bodies like UNESCO, Commonwealth of Learning, E-9. BRICS, SAARC, India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA), East Asia Summit (EAS), Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), Indian Ocean Rim-Association for Regional Cooperation (IOR-ARC), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), European Union (EU) etc. 

Recent Activities

G20 Education Working Group and Education Ministers’ Meeting under India’s Presidency

India will be hosting G20 India’s Presidency starting from December, 2022. The Ministry of Education is leading the engagements under G20 Education Working Group. Four meetings of the EdWG are planned between January 2023 to June 2023, with a meeting of G20 Education Ministers in June 2023. The website link of G20 India Presidency may be seen at

The first meeting of the EdWG was held in Chennai from 31st January to 2nd February 2023. A full day seminar and exhibition on 31st January, 2023 , “The Role of Digital Technologies in Education” at the Research Park, IIT Madras saw engaging presentations on some innovative approaches for bridging the digital divide, improving access to and building robust systems for technological affordances. The 1st G20 EdWG meetings were held on 01-02 February, 2023. The below mentioned themes of India’s G20 presidency were discussed during the meeting.


  • Ensuring Foundational Literacy and Numeracy especially in context of Blended Learning
  • Making Tech-enabled Learning more Inclusive, Qualitative and Collaborative at every level
  • Building Capacities, Promoting Life-Long Learning in context of Future of work
  • Strengthening research and promoting innovation through richer collaboration

Dates of G20 Education Working Group Meetings:

S.No. Event Date Place
1 Seminar on Role of Digital Technology in Education 31st January, 2023 Chennai
2 1st Meeting of the G20 EdWG 1-2 February, 2023 Chennai
3 Seminar on ‘Strengthening Research Collaboration’ 15th March, 2023 Amritsar
4 2nd meeting of the G20 EdWG 16-17 March, 2023 Amritsar
5 Seminar on Building Capacities, promoting Life-Long Learning in context of Future of Work 24th April, 2023 Bhubaneswar
6 3rd meeting of the G20 EdWG 25-27 April, 2023 Bhubaneswar
7 Seminar on Ensuring Foundational Literacy and Numeracy 19 June, 2023 Pune
8 4th meeting of the G20 EdWG 20-21st June, 2023 Pune
9 Meeting of G20 Education Ministers 22nd June, 2023 Pune

Important Events/Meetings/Conferences

Following important events were held during 2022 to strengthen the educational collaborations with different countries:

Dates Particulars
16-17 March, 2022 Joint Secretary, International Cooperation, Ministry of Education attended G-20 1st Education Working Group(EdWG) meeting under Indonesia Presidency(in virtual mode) which was held from 16.03.2022-17.03.2022
17 March, 2022 A Letter of Arrangement between India and Australia for Education Qualifications Recognition was signed on 17th March, 2022. This led to creation of Australia-India Joint Task Force for Qualifications Recognition.
23 March, 2022 Ambassador of Norway to India had a meeting with Secretary (HE)
25 April, 2022 An MoU was signed between India and Norway on cooperation in the field of Higher Education
25 April,2022 Hon’ble Education Minister met a delegation from Singapore led by their Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Education and Foreign Affairs, Dr. Maliki Osman on 25th April, 2022
27-28 April, 2022 21st Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (21CCEM) was held in virtual mode on 27-28 April, 2022.
5 May, 2022 BRICS International Governing Board Meeting was held virtually on 5th May, 2022
18-19 May, 2022 G20 2nd Education Working Group (EdWG) Meeting was held in virtual mode on 18th-19th May, 2022
18-20 May, 2022 A World Higher Education Conference was held from 18 to 20 May 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. An Indian delegation led by Sh. Vishwajeet Kumar, Director D/o HE participated in the Conference.
22-25 May, 2022 Education World Forum meeting was held from 22nd to 25th May, 2022 in London, UK.
25 May,2022 BRICS Senior Officials Meeting (BRICS SOM)was held in virtual mode on 25th May, 2022
26 May, 2022 BRICS Education Ministers’ Meeting( BRICS EMM) was held in virtual mode on 26th May, 2022
21st July, 2022 An MoU was signed between India and UK on Mutual Recognition of academic qualification.
27-28 July, 2022 G20 3rd Education Working Group(EdWG) meeting was held from 27-28th July,2022
22-25 August,2022 A delegation led by Hon’ble Education Minister had a visit to Australia from 22-25 August 2022 to have bilateral meetings with Australian Education Minister, Skill Minister and Australian Universities. 6th AIEC Meeting was also held during the visit.
31 August-01 September,2022 A delegation led by Hon’ble Minister of Education is on visit to Bali, Indonesia to attend G20 Education Ministers’ Meeting and 4th Education Working Group Meeting
27 September, 2022 Hon’ble EM attended the “Digital Transformation and Internationalization of Education” Conclave organized by Deakin University and Tata Consultancy Services on 27.09.2022 at New Delhi.
15th November, 2022 Hon’ble Minister for Education and Skill Development Shri Dharmendra Pradhan held a meeting with the Finnish Minister of Education, Science and Culture HE Mr. Petri Honkonen, in New Delhi on 15th November, 2022 to discuss topical issues of education in the challenging post-covid times and to bridge the learning gap of the most vulnerable children.
24-25 November, 2022 ASEM Intermediate Senior Officials Meeting (ISOM) was held in Malta on 24-25 November 2022