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Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology

The Commission for Scientific & Technical Terminology (CSTT) was set up on December 21, 1960 by a resolution of Government of India under the proviso to Clause (4) of Article 344 of the Constitution with the objective to evolve and define scientific and technical terms in Hindi and all Indian languages; publish glossaries, definitional dictionaries, encyclopaedia.; to see that the evolved terms and their definitions reach the students, teachers, scholars, scientists, officers etc., to ensure proper usage/ necessary updating/ correction/ improvement on the work done (through workshops/ seminars/ orientation programmes) by obtaining useful feedback; to coordinate with all States to ensure uniformity of terminology in Hindi and other Indian languages.

The Commission carries out the following functions :-

  • Preparation and Publication of Bilingual and Trilingual Glossaries involving English/Hindi and other Indian Languages.
  • Preparation and Publication of National terminology.
  • Identification and Publication of School Level Terminology and Departmental Glossaries.
  • Identification of Pan Indian Terms.
  • Preparation of Definitional Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias.
  • Preparation of University level textbooks,monographs and journals
  • Grant-in-Aid to Granth Academies, Textbook Boards and University Cells for University level books in regional languages.
  • Propagation, expansion and critical review of terms coined and defined through training/orientation programmes, workshops, seminars etc.
  • Free distribution of Publications.
  • Providing necessary terminology to the National Translation Mission.

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