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Presidential Award of Certificate

A scheme for the award of the Certificate of Honour was introduced in the year 1958 to honour the scholars of Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian Languages. The scheme was extended to cover Pali/Prakrit in year 1996. The distinction is conferred on the eve of Independence Day every year in recognition of the outstanding contribution of various scholars of eminence over 60 years of age, in the field of Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian or Pali/Prakrit. This scheme envisages a monetary grant of Rs. 50,000/- per annum for life, apart from a sanad and a shawl, which is presented by the President to each awardee. There are 15 awards for Sanskrit, 3 each for Arabic and Persian and one for Pali/Prakrit under the Scheme. For the year 2009, the Presidential Award of Certificate of Honour was also awarded in Sanskrit (International) apart from the Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian and Pali/Prakrit.