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Awards in Indian Languages

S.No. Name of the Award Name of the Organisation No. of Awards Amount
1. a. Awards to Hindi Authors of Non-Hindi speaking States.
b. Shiksha Puraskar
Central Hindi Directorate 19
Rs. 1 Lakh each (one time)
Rs. 1 Lakh each (one time)
2. Hindi Sevi Samman Kendriya Hindi Sansthan 14 Rs. 1 Lakh each (one time)
3. a. Presidential Award of Certificate of Honour for Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit Arabic, Persian.
b. Mahrishi Badarayan Samman Award for young scholars.
Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan 23 16-Sanskrit- (15+1 International) 1-Pali/Prakrit 3-Arabic 3-Persian) (08) 5-Sanskrit 1- Pali/Prakrit 1-,Arabic 1-Persian 5 Lakh one time Rs. 50,000/- per year (life time recurring) Rs. 1 Lakh each (one time)
4. Bhasha Bharti Samman CIIL, Mysore 22 Rs. 25,000/- (Annual)
5. a. Life time Achievement awards NCPSL    
  (i) Sahitykar Samman   01 Rs. 50,000/- (Annual)
  (ii) Sahitya Rachna   01 Rs. 50,000/- (Annual)
  b. Award to Sindhi Writers for literary Books     Rs. 1 Lakhs each (Annual)
6. Certificate of Honour to the distinguished Scholars of Classical Tamil language (New) CICT, Chennai 08 (05 for young scholars) (03 including two international awards) Rs. 1 Lakhs each (Annual)
Rs. 5 lakh each one time
  1. Tholkappiar Award Life time achievement award for Indian scholar   a. 1 award for each year Rs. 5 lakhs (Annual)
  2. Kural Peetan Award International   b. 2 awards (1 NRI each year (1 Foreigner) Rs. 5 lakhs each (Annual)
  3. Young Scholar of Tamil Award The scholar should be in Age 30-40 years   c. 5 award for each year Rs. 1 lakh each (Annual)