Note: The Scheme was terminated from the year 2017-18 vide this department's letter no. 7-1/2017-ALT dated 08.03.2017. From 2017-18, the responsibility of maintenance of the teachers appointed under the scheme is with the concerned State Government/ UT administration.

Financial Assistance for Appointment of language Teachers

Under its Three Language Formula, to encourage usage of Hindi, Urdu and one Modern Indian language, other than English among school-going children, the Government of India introduced the scheme of Financial Assistance for Appointment of Language Teachers in various government schools of the country. This scheme aims at fulfilling the requirement of language teachers in the government schools and also encourages propagation of the national language as well as Urdu and other Modern Indian languages, like Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu in the country.

This Scheme has three parts. It provides for:-

  • Hindi Teachers in the non- Hindi speaking States
  • Urdu Teachers in the schools of those districts that have a significant minority population
  • Providing of Modern Indian Language teachers to teach a third language in those schools of the Hindi speaking States/UTs that demand them

Part 1: Scheme of Financial Assistance for Appointment and Training of Hindi Teachers in Non-Hindi Speaking States/UTs:

The Central Government introduced, in its 2nd Five Year Plan, the schemes of

  • Appointment of Hindi Teachers; and
  • Opening/Strengthening of Hindi Teachers' Training College, in non-Hindi speaking States/UTs with a view to assist these States/UTs in implementing, effectively, the Three Language Formula.

Under these schemes, financial assistance has been provided to various State Governments/UT Administrations, on approved funding pattern, for appointments to new posts of Hindi teachers in Upper Primary, Middle, High School and Higher Secondary Schools and opening /strengthening of Hindi Teacher's Training Colleges for the training of the untrained Hindi teachers available in the States/UTs. Since, the objectives of both these schemes are the same; these have been clubbed together as single scheme entitled 'Scheme of Financial Assistance for appointment and training of Hindi teachers in non-Hindi speaking States/UTs'.

Part 2: Scheme of Financial Assistance for Appointment of Urdu Teachers and Grant of Honorarium for Teaching Urdu in States/UTs:

Keeping in view the demand for promotion of Urdu, the Government of India appointed a Committee for Promotion of Urdu in the year 1972, which submitted its report to the Government in the year 1975. In pursuance of the recommendations of this Committee, the Government of India decided to launch a Centrally-sponsored Scheme of appointment of Urdu Teachers and grant of honorarium for teaching Urdu in States/UTs with immediate effect. Under the Scheme the State/UT Governments will be provided 100% financial assistance for salaries of Urdu teachers and Honorarium to the existing Urdu teachers for teaching Urdu in Schools.

The scheme has been revised during 2008-09 as follows:-

  • For appointment of Urdu Teachers to any locality where more than 25% of the population is from Urdu speaking community in pursuance to the Prime Minister’s new 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of the Minorities.
  • 100% assistance is now admissible for salary of Urdu teachers appointed under the scheme based on the salary structure of language teacher in the State Government. The honorarium is admissible to part-time teachers for teaching Urdu at the rate of Rs.1,000/- per month.
  • Central assistance to States is now admissible for Urdu teachers for additional Plan period of 5 years.
  • Training of Urdu teachers will be conducted by 3 Central Universities i.e. Jamia Milia Islamia (JMI) Aligarh Muslim University (AMI) & Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) with funding from the UGC.

Part 3: Scheme of Financial Assistance for Appointment of Modern Indian Language Teachers (Other than Hindi) in Hindi-Speaking States/UTs:

In pursuance of the National Policy on Education, 1968 which was reiterated in subsequent policies in 1986 and 1992 with regard to the teaching of languages in schools in the country, the Government of India has been implementing the Three Language Formula at the post Primary and Secondary stages of school education. As per the formula, the Third Language in Hindi Speaking States and Union Territories should be a Modern Indian Language, preferably a South Indian Language (SIL: Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu). In order to ensure effective implementation of this aspect of the formula in letter and spirit, the Government of India has decided to initiate a Centrally sponsored scheme from 1993-94 during the 8th Plan period, under which 100% financial assistance would be provided for the appointment of MIL teachers (other than Hindi), preferably MIL teachers, to the Hindi speaking States and Union Territories, on the analogy of the Centrally sponsored scheme of Appointment of Hindi Teachers in the non-Hindi speaking region.

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