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Council of Architecture(COA)

The Council of Architecture (COA) has been constituted by the Government of India under the provisions of the Architects Act, 1972, enacted by Parliament, which came into force on September 1, 1972. The Act provides for registration of Architects and matters connected therewith. The COA, besides maintaining a Register of Architects, oversees the maintenance of standards, periodically of recognized qualifications under the Act by way of conducting inspection through Committees of Experts. Based on the inspections, the COA can make representation to appropriate Governments with regard to inadequacy of standards maintained by the institutions. The Central Government after further inquiry as deemed fit and keeping in view the comments of the appropriate Governments and the architecture institutions is required to take decision regarding notifying de-recognition of the architectural qualification. The recommendations of the COA are taken before any architectural qualification is notified as recognized under the Act by the Central Government.

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