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The rate at which the Information Technology (IT) is growing today is evident from the fact that it has invaded almost every part of our life. Technological progress can be harnessed for augmenting both expansion as well as quality of education.

Present endeavour in this direction has been mainly towards providing the infrastructure and network to the institutions of higher education. The digital resource development and utilizing the digital resource into quality certified programmes and courses need to be fully exploited by the universities.

The Government of India is keen to use the technological resources in helping its mission to make Higher Education accessible to all deserving students. In this regard, it has launched its National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) in 2009 to provide the opportunity for all the teachers and experts in the country to pool their collective wisdom for the benefit of every Indian learner and, thereby, reducing the digital divide. Under this Mission, a proper balance between content generations, research in critical areas relating to imparting of education and connectivity for integrating our knowledge with the advancements in other countries is to be attempted. For this, what is needed is a critical mass of experts in every field working in a networked manner with dedication. Although disjointed efforts have been going on in this area by various institutions / organizations and isolated success stories are also available, a holistic approach is the need of the hour. This Mission seeks to support such initiatives and build upon the synergies between various efforts by adopting a holistic approach. It is obvious that emphasis on ICT is a crying need as it acts as a multiplier for capacity building efforts of educational institutions without compromising the quality. The Mission is also necessary to sustain a high growth rate of our economy through capacity building and knowledge empowerment of the people and for promoting new, upcoming multi-disciplinary fields of knowledge.

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