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Books are the expression of the human mind of creativity, wisdom and knowledge of people and nation. Books have always played an important role in the progress of society. The Book Pro-motion Division has a number of schemes and activities which aim inter-alia, for easy accessibility of books for all segments of the society, promoting reading habits and providing assistance to the development of the book publishing industry and encouraging the general popular literature and thereby contributing to the development of country.

National Book Trust, India (NBT-India) is an apex body established by the Government of India (under Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education) in the year 1957 for promotion of books and to encourage and inculcate the habit of reading in the country. NBT-India’s mandate is to produce and encourage the production of good literature in all Indian languages as well as English and to make such literature available at moderate prices to the public at large. In furtherance to this, NBT-India regularly organises and participates in various book fairs, seminars, exhibitions, work-shops, literary events, etc.