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Books are the expression of the human mind of creativity, wisdom and knowledge of people and nation. Books have always played an important role in the progress of society. The Book Promotion Division has a number of schemes and activities which aim inter-alia, to easy accessibility of books for all segment of Society, promoting reading habits and providing assistance to the development of the book publishing industry and encouraging the general popular literate and thereby contributes to the development of country.

Some of the important programmes being implemented in this regard are as under:

The National Book Trust, India was established on August 1, 1957 under the then Ministry of Education, Government of India, by Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of the independent India, with the objective of promoting a culture of reading in the society by publishing good literature at affordable price in all major Indian languages including English and by undertaking book promotion activities like organization of seminars, workshops, book fairs, book exhibitions, etc. in India and abroad.

During the formative years, the NBT followed the objectives given below :

  • To produce and to encourage the production of good literature and to make such literature available at moderate prices to the public
  • To publish, more particularly books of the following types in English, Hindi and other languages recognised in the Constitution of India:
  • The classical literature of India
  • Outstanding works of Indian authors in Indian languages and their translation from one Indian language to another
  • Translation of outstanding books from foreign languages
  • Outstanding books of modern knowledge for popular diffusion<
  • To bring out book lists, arrange exhibitions and seminars and take all necessary steps to make the people book minded
  • To establish or promote the formation of regional book trusts in different parts of the country with objectives similar to those of the Trust.