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1. Publishing

The Trust publishes general reading material for all segments of society and for all age-groups, including books for children, post-literacy reading material for neo-literates, and Braille books for the visually challenged. Moderately priced books including fiction, non-fiction, supplementary reading material, informative books on a variety of subjects are published in English, Hindi and all major Indian languages.

During the Golden Jubilee year of the Trust, a special project, Golden Jubilee Anthology series was initiated for the first time in the country. In this unique series, special language anthologies of post-independence writings—poetry, short story and drama are being published. So far, 23 anthologies have been brought out in various Indian languages.

2. Promotion of Books and Reading

The Trust organizes book fairs and exhibitions throughout the country at rural, regional, state and national levels.

3. NBT Book Club

The Trust also has a scheme of NBT Book Club where members can avail special discount on books as well as considerable rebate on postal charges.

4. National Book Week

The National Book Week is being observed from 14 to 20 November by educational and other literary institutions as well as publishing organizations through book related programmes and book exhibitions. Owing to the extensive direct mailing of promotional material and the support from the media, the concept has now a popular appeal.

5. Book Publishing Courses

To bring in specialized and professional talents to the publishing industry the Trust organizes Book Publishing Courses at various places.

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