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Scheme–Education In Human Values

Under the Scheme, financial assistance is provided for projects to government agencies, educational institutions, Panchayati Raj institutions, registered societies, Public trusts and non-profit making companies and NGOs for taking up projects, sanctioned within the parameters of the scheme and the financial outlay provided. Financial assistance is given to the extent of 100% of the cost of project with a ceiling of Rs. 10.00 lakhs approved by the Grants-in-Aid Committee for activities relating to strengthening of culture and values in education. The grant to the registered organizations is given for various purposes such as development of teaching and learning materials, audio-visual aids, training of teachers, conferences, workshops, seminars for parents/community/students/teachers, creative activities, school children theatre, setting up of museum corners etc. for promoting universal values such as truth, peace, love, righteous conduct, non-violence and the values enshrined in the Constitution of India. Besides giving grant to NGOs, the Scheme also aims at incorporating human and cultural values components in the curriculum at all levels of education system.

The Department transferred this scheme to NCERT w.e.f July 14, 2010.

The grant goes for various purposes like :-

  • Development of teaching and learning materials, audio-visual aids.
  • Training of teachers.
  • Conferences, workshops, seminars for parents/community/students/teachers.
  • Creative activities.
  • School children theatre.
  • Setting up of museums.
  • Promotion of universal values such as truth, peace, love, righteous conduct, non-violence, etc.
  • For more details on the Scheme, click here: Scheme–Education in Human Values - (254 KB)
  • Scheme of Assistance for Strengthening Education in Human Values (Year-wise Details):